Although there are 2 tiny beaches in front of Mimosa most people use the numerous jetties dotted around Kotor bay to swim and sunbathe.


On the Lustice peninsula between the Zlatna Luka gorge and the Mokra Gora cape sea waves have formed an unusual cave of 9 metres high in the raised rock above the sea. 

Water activities

There are numerous places in and around Kotor that organise yachting, boat tours, sailing, and fishing trips; including big game fishing. 


For motor bike, bicycle, and car hire just a stone’s throw from Mimosa.


Kotor City is over 20 Centuries old and is a treasure trove of 12th to 20th century architecture.


Day Trips and excursions in and around Mimosa

Night life

Kotor has one of the Meditteranean?s most memorable night clubs: the Maximus, named after the Roman general. 


Fairs and Festivals in the area of Kotor


According to an old custom Montenegrins will open their door wide as a sign of hospitality.

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