Although there are 2 tiny beaches in front of Mimosa most people use the numerous jetties dotted around Kotor bay to swim and sunbathe. Just outside Mimosa there is a large stone jetty which also has a walk-in area for children and those who prefer not to dive into the water. Water temperatures in Boka Kotorska Bay are maximum 27,10 C degees with a low saltiness of 28% and a transparency of 38 to 56 metres. Average tide height is only 31 cm. Do note that water purity conditions vary in Kotor Bay. Although much of the bay of Kotor is fed by fresh mountain water, motorised watertraffic does reduce the water purity.

For those who prefer more traditional and larger beaches there are one hundred and seventeen beaches to choose from in Montenegro. The Lustice peninsula has numerous beaches such as Arza. Kalardoco beachin Tivat also has access for the disabled. A favourite with locals and considered the best and most beautiful beach in Montenegro, Jaz lies on the border of Budva and Kotor and has a 900-metre long and 25-metre wide sandy beach on the open Adriatic sea. 2-kilometres further south is Budva which has long sandy beaches and a man-made bungee jump of 50 or 60 metres high. Slovenska beach is the most popular and, at 1600 metres, the longest on the whole coast of Montenegro.

Becici is about 45 minute drive from Kotor and also has a long grey sand beach of 1500 metres. In 1937 and 1971 it was voted Europe?s most beautiful beach in an international competition. For those who prefer a nudist beach, there is one in Ulcinj, about a 2-hour drive from Kotor (busses at 10.40, 12.10, 13.30 and 18.20 from Kotor to Ulcinj). Also a interesting location is the unique famous city hotel island Sveti Stefan which has apartments, restaurants, terraces and souvenir shops (beach for exclusive use by guests only).