Fairs and Festivals in the area of Kotor


  • The annual masked carnival of Montenegro in Kotor for children and grown ups, the traditional festivities of the Boka Bay Cuisine, music concerts, theatre plays.
  • The Mimosa Festivity in the honour of the first spring flower mimosa. There are fishermen festivities, masquerades, carnival festivities, literature evenings, fine art exhibitions, flower exhibitions, and theatre plays in Kotor and Tivat.
  • Festivitiy in honour of St Tryphon, a religious festivity in the honour of Kotor city Saint St Tryphon, whose relics are kept in the Cathedral. The Festivity consists of singing of church choirs, city music, Boka Navy and folklore associations
  • The Boka Night, a festivity of the Boka Navy in Tivat


  • The days of the Camellia. In honour of the camellia flower diverse events are organised such as flower exhibitions, fine art exhibitions, theatre plays, the Camellia Ball, the contest of the Miss Camellia


  • “Shooting of the Roosters” is a traditional festivity in Perast and Kotor
  • Montenegro Cup is a free climbing event in Kotor


  • An underwater film festival presented by the Divers of Montenegro


  • International Kotor Festivities: KOTOR PRO ARTE presented by the Cultural Centre Kotor
  • Children Theatre Festival with local and international children puppet and theatre plays
  • International Fashion Show by the Fashion house Fabrika Belgrade
  • FASINADA is a ritual procession of boats around the Island The Lady of the Rocks on July 22nd 
  • ISAN NIGHTS arranged by the Local Community Risan
  • International “days of music” festival of art music in Herceg Novi
  • The “Sunny Scales” music festival in Herceg Novi
  • The Book Square: a book fair in Herceg Novi
  • Tivat Cultural Summer: theatre plays, concerts, fine art exhibitions, festivities in Tivat
  • Commemorative Marathon Dido Maric is a swimming marathon that takes place in Herceg Novi
  • Montenegro Trophy Jeep Rally in Montenegro by AMSCG


  • The International Summer Carnival in Kotor
  • The Night of Boka is a boat parade in Kotor Bay with entertainment on all city squares and fireworks
  • The International Meeting of Klapa Singers: traditional, folk music in Perast
  • Tivat Cultural Summer with theatre plays, concerts, fine art exhibitions and festivities in Tivat
  • Modus Moda Vivendi is a fashion show in Tivat
  • Lastovo Festivities is a religious and folk frestivity in Tivat
  • The Herceg Novi Film Festival in Herceg NoviFor details of all the festivals in Montenegro see 

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