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Holiday accommodation: Self-catering rental apartment Mimosa on the shore of Kotor Bay in Montenegro


Although there are 2 tiny beaches in front of Mimosa most people use the numerous jetties dotted around Kotor bay to swim and sunbathe. Just outside Mimosa there is a large stone jetty which also has a walk-in area for children and those who prefer not to dive into the water. Water temperatures in Boka Kotorska Bay are maximum 27,10 C degees with a low saltiness of 28% and a transparency of 38 to 56 metres. Average tide height is only 31 cm. Do note that water purity conditions vary in Kotor Bay. Although much of the bay of Kotor is fed by fresh mountain water, motorised watertraffic does reduce the water purity.

For those who prefer more traditional and larger beaches there are one hundred and seventeen beaches to choose from in Montenegro. The Lustice peninsula has numerous beaches such as Arza. Kalardoco beach in Tivat also has access for the disabled. A favourite with locals and considered the best and most beautiful beach in Montenegro, Jaz lies on the border of Budva and Kotor and has a 900-metre long and 25-metre wide sandy beach on the open Adriatic sea. 2-kilometres further south is Budva which has long sandy beaches and a man-made bungee jump of 50 or 60 metres high. Slovenska beach is the most popular and, at 1600 metres, the longest on the whole coast of Montenegro.

Becici is about 45 minute drive from Kotor and also has a long grey sand beach of 1500 metres. In 1937 and 1971 it was voted Europe?s most beautiful beach in an international competition. For those who prefer a nudist beach, there is one in Ulcinj, about a 2-hour drive from Kotor (busses at 10.40, 12.10, 13.30 and 18.20 from Kotor to Ulcinj). Also a interesting location is the unique famous city hotel island Sveti Stefan which has apartments, restaurants, terraces and souvenir shops (beach for exclusive use by guests only).

Good snorkeling a few kilometres from Mimosa in Prjanc just off the beach across from the Pension Riviera.

Swimming area just outside Mimosa   Directly in front of Mimosa

beach driving distance from Mimosa   beach driving distance from Mimosa


On the Lustice peninsula between the Zlatna Luka gorge and the Mokra Gora cape sea waves have formed an unusual cave of 9 metres high in the raised rock above the sea. Tourist boats tavel regularly from Zanjice to this cave where the combination of the darkness of the cave and the clarity of the water contribute to breathtaking beauty. Swimming is also allowed here.

In the surrounding area of Skadar Lake, near Podgorica, there are over 100 caves, amongst which the Lipska cave with a length of 3512 metres, wide galleries, halls and corridors, and rich with stalagmites and stalagtites, and an underground river.

Yachting, Tour boats, Rafting, Kayaking, Sailing, Fishing, Diving, and Paragliding

There are numerous places in and around Kotor that organise yachting, boat tours, sailing, and fishing trips; including big game fishing. Scuba diving and PADI courses are also available with Pro Dive Hydrotec as is water skiing, kayaking and yachting. Paragliding in small planes is also possible from Tivat with flights over and around Kotor Bay and the surrounding islands.

  • For something a little bit special, at affordable prices, see . This British couple offer fantastic day sailing and sunset cruises around Kotor Bay and the surrounding area on their 44 foot sailing ketch.

    Snorkeling and speargun fishing a few kilometres from Mimosa in Prjanc just off the beach across from the Pension Riviera.

  • For boat and yacht hire just a stone's throw from Mimosa (near the junction of Kotor and Muo between Lovcen insurance and the Galion restaurant) see Marsenic boat hire. Phone +382 (0)69 649 749 and ask for Mile Bozovic who speaks English.
  • For yacht charters, water skiing, kayaking, and scuba diving see Pro Dive Hydrotec or call + 382 (0)67 835 538 / + 382 (0)67 419 861 / + 382 (0)69 013 985.
  • At Villa Marine Lifestyles Montenegro you can charter and buy boats and yachts.
  • For rafting, fishing, camping. jeep safaris, and trekking outings see Eco-Tours or call + 382 (0)67 259 020
  • BokaBay travel Agency offers fishing, and rafting on the Tara River. Call + 382 (0)82 322 779 / 332 784 or mobile + 382 (0)69 263 977.
  • For yacht charters see Montenegro Charter
  • For yacht charters (with or without a skipper) see Parus-M. Telephone +382 (0)82 337 405 or mobile + 382 (0)69 435 980.
  • Excursions, cruising, (big game) fishing, night fishing contact + 382 (0)67 513 466.

  • For tours by boat in Kotor Bay check out the boats opposite the main entrance to the old city. There is Tour Boat St Nicolas (tel + 382 (0)69 429 109 / + 382 (0)69 237 288) and Tour Boat Jovan (tel: + 382 (0)69 209 789). For a taxi / tour boat see Ankica Taxi Boat (tel: + 382 (0)69 233 163 / + 382 (0)69 088 552) which visits places of interest in the Bay and is also available for daily rental.

    See Montenegro Travel for more Montenegro International Yachting guide.

    Bicycle, motor bike and quad rental

  • For motor bike, bicycle, and car hire just a stone's throw from Mimosa (near the junction of Kotor and Muo between Lovcen insurance and the Galion restaurant) see Oasis Rental. Phone +382 (0)32 322 704.

    Cultural sites, Walks, and History Tours

    Kotor City is over 20 Centuries old and is a treasure trove of 12th to 20th century architecture. The most famous is the Cathedral of St Tripun, built in 1166 on the foundations of an older pre-Romanic chruch from the 10th Century. Completely restored one can still see 14th century frescoes. Other churces are St Lukes Church (1195), St Ana?s Church from the late 12th century decorated with 15th century frescoes, the Church of Santa Maria Colegiata from 1221, and the Orthodox Church of St Nicolas dating from the early 20th century, with a rich collection of icons. Kotor is still the seat of the Croatian Catholic Bishopric of Kotor, which covers the entire gulf.

    The formidable walls of Kotor fortress are an excellent example of medieval fortification. Built up between the 9th and 19th Centuries to form a continuous ring around the old urban centre, it is possible to walk the length of these 4,5 kilometres walls, ascending 1200 metres above the old city of Kotor.

    Perast, which lies in Kotor Bay across the water from Mimosa, represents the best preserved example of Baroque architecture in this part of the Adriatic. The town?s many manors and churches were erected in 17th and 18th century and the Bujkovic Palace now houses the Perast Town museum.

    Kotor Bay has two charming islands: St George, home to a Benedictine abbey since the 12th century, and the Isle of Gospa of Skrpjela, an artificial island created by piling up stones around the rocks. Every 22 July since 1452 there is a a cultural event called Fasinada where boats loaded with stones sail around the Isle of Gospa of Srkpjela and drop stones in the water to reinforce the island.

    Close to Mimosa lies Prcanj, a medieval settlement, that has a famous 15th century manor called Tre Sorelle.

    The road to Cetinje, the old capital of Montenegro, is not only recommended for its stunning views of Kotor Bay (take some time to stop en route for photos) but it also houses numerous museums, the King Nicolas Palace and the Monastery of Cetinje where the relic the hand of St. John Baptist is kept.

    From Cetinje the road leads to Lovcen where the mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegos, the beloved great philosopher, writer and statesman of Montenegro, is built on the summit. This imposing mausoleum is well worth the drive (and climbing all the steps!) to where, on a clear day, you can see the coast of Italy. The village of Njegusi, where the statesman's birth home is still open to tourists, is also where Montenegro's famous hams and cheeses are produced. The typical accompanying local drink is a mead, a healthy and unusual beverage.

    The Group for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration offers a History Tour of Skadar Lake. Duration about 8 hours, best period between April and November. Group size 10 to 30 persons. Call + 382 (0)67 236 351.

    Kotor City from the wall   Cathedral of St Tripun

    Kotor City   Kotor City

    Day Trips and excursions

  • Maremonti offer day trips to Ostrog Monestry, Tara River Canyon, and boat trips in Kotor Bay.
    Contact + 382 (0)67 227 293 / (0)69 346 035. Prices on request. Guests from Mimosa get a 10% discount.
  • BokaBay travel Agency offers religious trips to Monasteries, old sacral monuments, and churches; trips for nature lovers; and ethnic village visits. Excursions include Niksic, Skadar Lake, Njegusi, Ostrog, and Cetinje/Lovcen. They also do Eco Safaris, fishing, and rafting on the Tara River.
    Contact + 382 (0)82 322 779 / 332 784 or mobile + 382 (0)69 263 977.
  • Forza Cattaro offer sightseeing excursions to Dubrovnik, Ostrog, Rijeka, Crnojevica, Ada Bojana, Skadar lake, Lovcen.
    Contact + 382 (0)82 304 068.
  • Etno Selo do rafting, camping and safaris.
    Contact +382 (0)87 209 052 or mobile +382 (0)67 209 049 / (0)69 216 506.
  • Tara-Tour for rafting tours in the Tara River Canyon.
  • Boka Kotorska boat trips via Mamula Island, Zanjice beach, Blue Cave, Herceg Novi, Risan and Perast from Tivat.
    Contact + 382 (0)67 634 445.
  • Mijovic Travel for day trips to Albania from Budva. Visit Skadar, Durres, and Tirana.
    Contact + 382 (0)86 452 166 or (0)86 452 475.

    Night life, parties and festivals

    Kotor has one of the Meditteranean?s most memorable night clubs: the Maximus, named after the Roman general. It is located in the old town and includes 4 night clubs, forming a single unit, a bar with 600 seats, a piano bar with 50 seats, a beer hall with 800 seats and the exclusive Maximus Disco accommodating up to 2000 people. Each place has a different interior design and offers different music: house, techno, Latin, rock, and local pop and folk music. Shaped like a gladiators arena, it has state-of-the-art visual and audio equipment with 10 scanners, 45 rotoheads, three video projectors, ten plasma screens, three DJ booths, a video wall and Martin audio equipment. In the summer a pizzeria and bar with seating for 500 people situated on the walls above the disco with views over the Bay of Kotor completes this unparalleled club.

    Kotor is famous for its New Year?s Eve parties when a large number of young people gather in the town squares and party all night.

    Fairs and Festivals in the area of Kotor

  • The annual masked carnival of Montenegro in Kotor for children and grown ups, the traditional festivities of the Boka Bay Cuisine, music concerts, theatre plays.
  • The Mimosa Festivity in the honour of the first spring flower mimosa. There are fishermen festivities, masquerades, carnival festivities, literature evenings, fine art exhibitions, flower exhibitions, and theatre plays in Kotor and Tivat.
  • Festivitiy in honour of St Tryphon, a religious festivity in the honour of Kotor city Saint St Tryphon, whose relics are kept in the Cathedral. The Festivity consists of singing of church choirs, city music, Boka Navy and folklore associations
  • The Boka Night, a festivity of the Boka Navy in Tivat

  • The days of the Camellia. In honour of the camellia flower diverse events are organised such as flower exhibitions, fine art exhibitions, theatre plays, the Camellia Ball, the contest of the Miss Camellia

  • "Shooting of the Roosters" is a traditional festivity in Perast and Kotor
  • Montenegro Cup is a free climbing event in Kotor

  • An underwater film festival presented by the Divers of Montenegro

  • International Kotor Festivities: KOTOR PRO ARTE presented by the Cultural Centre Kotor
  • Children Theatre Festival with local and international children puppet and theatre plays
  • International Fashion Show by the Fashion house Fabrika Belgrade
  • FASINADA is a ritual procession of boats around the Island The Lady of the Rocks on July 22nd
  • ISAN NIGHTS arranged by the Local Community Risan
  • International "days of music" festival of art music in Herceg Novi
  • The "Sunny Scales" music festival in Herceg Novi
  • The Book Square: a book fair in Herceg Novi
  • Tivat Cultural Summer: theatre plays, concerts, fine art exhibitions, festivities in Tivat
  • Commemorative Marathon Dido Maric is a swimming marathon that takes place in Herceg Novi
  • Montenegro Trophy Jeep Rally in Montenegro by AMSCG

  • The International Summer Carnival in Kotor
  • The Night of Boka is a boat parade in Kotor Bay with entertainment on all city squares and fireworks
  • The International Meeting of Klapa Singers: traditional, folk music in Perast
  • Tivat Cultural Summer with theatre plays, concerts, fine art exhibitions and festivities in Tivat
  • Modus Moda Vivendi is a fashion show in Tivat
  • Lastovo Festivities is a religious and folk frestivity in Tivat
  • The Herceg Novi Film Festival in Herceg Novi

    For details of all the festivals in Montenegro see Festivity Calendar

    Snorkling outside Mimosa

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